Donny Hathaway :: Live 1972 (Import)

donny-hathaway.jpgThe following is a re-post from February 2007 for a friend in need of some Donny.

Last month I finally bought an “official” copy of Donny Hathaway’s long bootlegged, import only, 1972 live album that was recorded here in L.A. at The Troubadour, and at The Bitter End in New York City. The German import is only sixteen greenbacks, and thanks to the internets, it’s now readily available.

But this was not the case back in 1998 when a friend made a copy for me, noting, as he handed it over to me, that (it) was “some funky ass shit.” Funky ass shit, indeed.

Most of you have no doubt heard various Hathaway studio staples over the years (not to mention his duets with Roberta Flack), but it’s in a live setting that the man truly, truly shined. I have posted his cover of Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” before off the album (which also made an appearance on the Oliver Wang curated Soul Sides compilation), so here are the two opening tracks off the LP (note the marvin gaye cover). If you like soul, shit, if you have soul, pick up live document of a man on fire. I doubt you will want to listen to much else for a week afterwards.

MP3: Donny Hathaway :: What’s Goin’ On (cover)
MP3: Donny Hathaway :: The Ghetto

9 thoughts on “Donny Hathaway :: Live 1972 (Import)

  1. yes, funky ass shit indeed! I really love “The Ghetto.” There’s nothing finer than soul jam. It made me go find my dancing shoes. There that’s better. Shimmying in the living room with momma.

  2. Nice! And a coincidence that you posted this – I just had Hotpipes on my radio show on Tuesday, and they played the amazing cover of “Jealous Guy” from this album.

  3. Oh, yeah! This album contains the long-lost hair-on-the-back-of-yer-neck-raising version of “You’ve Got a Friend” that I’ve been looking for and not finding. Thanks for the heads-up, JG.

  4. I never heard this LP before but a day after I saw this post I read this in an interview with Derek Trucks in Hittin’ The Note:
    “There’s a reason why At Fillmore East is such a great recording-those songs were tried and true and they knew those tunes inside and out. So it becomes less about thinking and more about improvisation inside of the songs. On the great Donny Hathaway Live record, the same was true.”
    These songs are great. Thanks.

  5. Damn, has it been a year since I read the original post and my life was changed forever? Thanks Drunkard for the heads up on Donny and especially Terry Callier.

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