Capturing truly unique performances, our friends at La Blogotheque have been working overtime, this year, since expanding their operations stateside. Now with a West coast base, the Take Away Shows have been moving up and down the coast filming some of our favorite artists in (their trademark), non traditional settings. While you can literally spend hours perusing the archives (and, we have), we wanted to specifically point out the recent addition to Concerts A Emporter: Stephen Malkmus. Taken while the Jicks were in San Francisco, La Blogotheque catches up with Malkmus rendering acoustic versions of tracks off Real Emotional Trash, plus, the kicker (video below), (early) REM covers. Great, candid, off-the-cuff footage, and, hey, we already knew “time after time was (his) least favorite song.”

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5 Responses to “La Blogotheque :: The Jicks (San Francisco)”

  1. Thanks for posting this, the take away shows maybe the best music related thing online now (besides this site) love the new layout as well.

  2. good, good stuff, huh? We love them.

  3. Hey, these nice dudes are actually called “la blogothèque”, with the same G you find in “blog” 😉

  4. the new site design looks GREAT!

  5. agreed. looks smooth. w/ welcoming hints of the previous design.
    i feel a little magnetized to the left, but it’s a very nice improvement.

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