obsession.jpgLast week while in San Francisco, knowing my interest in obscure sixties/seventies psych-rock, Dodge hooked me up with a copy of this recent Bully Records compilation for the ride home to L.A. Comprised of fifteen tracks, the set boasts varied international genre exercises (Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Turkish, Argentinian and Uruguayan) ranging from psych, garage-rock, poly-rhymic fusion, and beyond. In short, Obsession is the kind of eclectic bouillabaisse that aims to keep your record collection interesting.

Turntable Sez: Highly anticipated psych comp assembled for Bully by the owner of NYC’s Academy Records, which diggers will recognize as one of New York’s prime spots for rare records. Straight psych rock, funk, Latin styles, even some Indian influences – there’s nothing clearly defining this batch of songs except that they will all melt your face like that Nazi dude at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

MP3: Arif Sag :: Osman Pehlivan
MP3: Atomic Forest :: Obsession ’77
Purchase: Obsession (vinyl)

www.bullyrecords.com ++ www.turntablelab.com

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