Buddy Miles :: Dem Changes (R.I.P.)


Between travel, and gearing up for sxsw later this week, things have been busy around the AD camp, of late, but I would be remiss if I failed to get a little something up here regarding Buddy Miles passing, at the age of sixty, late last month. Without a doubt, the man had soul power – just look at that fucking afro. Most widely known as part of Jimi Hendrix’s, post Experience outfit, Band of Gypsys, Miles’ 1970 debut, Them Changes, has long been a dusty soul/funk favorite.

Like many, I initially sought out the LP, after wearing out the Band of Gypsys live, Fillmore, album, and was curios as to who this Buddy Miles fella was, and more so, what other (if any) jams he had out there. he did, and here is what sold me – a soulful interpreter, Miles chose interesting cover choices, including Neil Young’s “Down By The River,” and The Allman Brothers epic “Dreams.” If you are a fan of either artist, these covers are worth seeking out.

The always excellent Funky 16 Corners shares his thoughts, and a few vinyl rips, per Miles’ passing.


MP3: Band of Gypsys :: Them Changes
MP3: Buddy Miles :: Dreams (cover)
Amazon: Buddy Miles – Them Changes

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Miles gets weird with the Monkees, and friends, at a “happening” in 1968. Who parties…

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  1. nice choice AD! buddy deserves all the credit in the world… next up- nesmith’s 1970 country beat down ‘magnetic south’, dig in…

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