The Stranglers :: No More Heroes (RE: Eliot Spitzer)

the stranglers

We’re used to politicians being crooked, but it always hurts a little more when someone you think might actually be on the up-and-up comes down as Eliot Spitzer did today. Is, as the Seafarer stated, all glory tarnished?

Good thing The Stranglers had their eye on the ball back in 1978. The title track from their second album, No More Heroes, seems to be in league with the Seafarer’s Anglo-Saxon lament of the weariness of the world – where, as Bill Hicks’ similarly opined, mediocrity reigns and great men are shot down in their prime.

Channeling the sleazy fire of some of the best of late 70s punk and light touches of prog, the Stranglers were an awesome stand-out in an age of already amazing art. – j. neas

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4 thoughts on “The Stranglers :: No More Heroes (RE: Eliot Spitzer)

  1. Let’s keep this in perspective: Whatever Spitzer’s daliances with prostitutes, why should that diminish the good work he’s done? I’d rather have a governor with “special requests” that can get the job done than say our governor in CA. Our governor’s heroics are entirely of the fictional kind. Since when did politicians have to stand down because of hypocrisy?

  2. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, Deiter, but I also think our political representatives have to be held to a higher standard, regardless of their work. Spitzer should resign, not because he’s incapable of doing more good work as Governor, but because we have to ask for accountability. If Spitzer would have resigned yesterday, it would have been a positive step in the direction of politicians being forced (through the example of others) to have to step down when they commit misdeeds, whether job related or not.

    This doesn’t obscure Spitzer’s previous work, but it does make me lament what he could’ve accomplished in the future.

  3. Why is Democrats always seem to get caught in sex scandals and republican’s get caught in bad money situations? I think Elliot Spitzer could be a great governor. Unfortunately– he thought he could get away with cheating using a prostitute. The only interesting question about this situation that is worth asking at this point is “How much sex does $4300 get you?”. The minute this was confirmed pretty much solidified everybody’s opinion on the issue.

  4. bummer he got caught up in this, especially as he’s a democrat (go Donkey), and I hope it doesnt overshadow his previous work, but people loathe a hypocrite.

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