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jesse malin

Like some of you, I suffer from a condition that involves me personally investigating just about every Velvets, or Lou Reed, cover I can get my hands on — I have fuel/friends specifically to thank for this one. After purchasing, and thoroughly enjoying, Jesse Malin’s post-D Generation solo debut, 2002’s The Fine Art of Self Destruction, I admittedly, pretty much forgot about the guy after the follow-up (2004’s The Heat) left me, well, cold.

Fast forward to 2008: Malin’s version of Lou Reed’s oft-covered “Walk On The Wild Side” will appear on his all covers album, On Your Sleeve, next month via One Little Indian Records. The strength of the track-listing (check it out), plus Malin’s trademark, nasal, vocal stylings, on the Reed cover, have me not only looking forward to the covers collection, but digging out my copy of Fine Art again. Maybe I need to give The Heat another shot after all…

MP3: Jesse Malin :: Walk On The Wild Side
Pre-order: Jesse Malin – On Your Sleeve

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5 thoughts on “Jesse Malin :: Walk On The Wild Side

  1. His 2006 album Glitter In The Gutter was actually really enjoyable as well. Had Springsteen accompanying on one track if I’m not mistaken.

  2. I, too, look forward to the new album. And you really should give The Heat and Glitter in the Gutter a shot. Jesse Malin is pretty great!

    Ryan in Boston

  3. I never know how to feel about Jesse Malin. “Self Destruction” is great, but after that…. sometimes I listen to him and am just thrilled – think he’s a great f***ing songwriter. Sometimes I listen to him and can’t stifle the yawns. Like the Lou Reed cover, though, thanks for that.

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