neil-hamburger-country.jpgNo matter if its Ween’s 12 Golden Country Greats, or The Statler Brothers ’70s country farce, Lester “Roadhog” Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys, country music is often cannon fodder for, let’s say, witty interpretation. The latest to throw his hat in the ring is Drag City funnyman Neil Hamburger. Besides his stand up/records, you may recognize Hamburger from his from his poolside chats, and Will Oldham’s Lettiing Go promo videos. This weirdness drops April 22nd.

Production Details:
Mr.Hamburger has been so depressed by his show turn outs the last few years, that he decided to make a country record. He found himself a band and he found himself a recording studio (Louder Studio in SF) with a little bit of help from his friend Tim Green of the Fuc#ing Champs. His band includes the infamous Prarie Prince on drums (The Tubes, Todd Rundgren, John Fogerty, George Harrison, Jefferson Starship); California deep-rooted country and western guitar ace Dave Gleason; Atom Ellis on bass (Dieselhed, Link Ray, The New Cars); Rachel Haden (Rentals, Weezer) and the West Coast’s most noted pedal steel player Joe Goldmark.

Local Notes: Neil Hamburger will be playing a special show at Spaceland, March 30, in support Sings Country Winners. Edit: The date on the 30th is just Hamburger solo — look for a May date in which he will bust out the country jamz.


MP3: Neil Hamburger :: Please Ask That Clown To Stop Crying
Amazon: Neil Hamburger – Sings Country Winners

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4 Responses to “Neil Hamburger :: Sings Country Winners”

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  2. The “Country Winners” show at Spaceland, where Neil will be backed by a full c&w band, is not until late May. The show in March is just a “regular” Neil Hamburger show.

  3. Red Sovine’s Teddy Bear revisited…:)

  4. pas mal cool je vais revenir voir si ya des changements

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