Bash & Pop :: Friday Night is Killing Me

bash-and-pop.jpgSeems lately I’ve had to be up early on Saturday after Saturday after Saturday. Tomorrow being no different, I, of course, gravitated toward “Friday Night Is Killing Me” by Bash and Pop.

Tommy Stinson’s first post-Replacements project, Bash and Pop, also drafted Steve Foley, the man who had filled in on the kit following Chris Mars’ departure from the ‘Mats. Tommy is able to create some pretty amazing songs when need be, even if his first true solo album didn’t show it. If you’ve never heard “Satellite,” the one song he wrote (that I’m aware of) during his Replacements’ tenure, you need to get your ears on it. It’s a revelation on his talent.

But in the meantime, in honor of Friday night, and also because I’m jealous Satisfied ’75 is at SXSW and I’m not, here’s the title track from Bash and Pop’s one and only album. – j. neas

MP3: Bash & Pop :: Friday Night is Killing Me
Amazon: Bash & Pop – Friday Night Is Killing Me

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11 thoughts on “Bash & Pop :: Friday Night is Killing Me

  1. It is definitely the best of Tommy’s post-Mats work, though the two Perfect releases aren’t too shabby themselves. His solo record was pretty middling, but when I saw him solo live on that tour, he was as magnificent as I could’ve asked for. And thanks, lism. 🙂

  2. I once saw Tommy playing at Largo in LA a few years ago. He asked for requests, and I yelled out “Tiny Pieces” and he looked at me like he was going to kill me and said emphatically “No” Dizzy Reed played piano with him that night.

  3. I love this record. I still can’t understand why no one ever talks about it. I was underwhelmed by Tommy’s solo record but, as others have said, his live shows have always been fun. I wish he would just give up on the Guns N Roses farce and start making his own music and touring again.

  4. John : That’s a bit surprising. He most certainly did one hell of a version of “Friday Night..” when I saw him, so I don’t think he’s opposed to the record exactly.

    Now I have heard he gives dirty looks if you ask for “Satellite,” which is definitely a shame.

  5. Goddamn, that’s a great f*cking album. The title track alone is worth the price of the disc. Now am mighty pissed that I don’t have it on my iPod to listen to right now. “Loose Ends” is a great track too. The melancholy of “First Steps” is Replacements-level beauty. Hot damn!

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