Cat Power :: The Black Sessions

cat power

Hat tip to the AD reader who turned us on to these – another fantastic Black Session – last month. In this session the folks at French radio’s France Inter catch up with Cat Power performing tracks off her latest LP, the mostly covers compilation, Jukebox. Having missed the recent LA show due to Noise Pop, these have served as a close second.


MP3: Cat Power :: Metal Heart
MP3: Cat Power :: New York, New York
MP3: Cat Power :: Ramblin’ (Wo)man
MP3: Cat Power :: Silver Stallion
MP3: Cat Power :: I Lost Someone
MP3: Cat Power :: Lord Help The Poor And Needy
MP3: Cat Power :: Dark End of The Street
MP3: Cat Power :: Song To Bobby
MP3: Cat Power :: Naked
MP3: Cat Power :: Don’t Explain
MP3: Cat Power :: Aretha, Sing One for Me
MP3: Cat Power :: She’s Got You (Bad)
MP3: Cat Power :: She’s Got You
MP3: Cat Power :: Lived in Bars

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5 thoughts on “Cat Power :: The Black Sessions

  1. That was swell of the reader to offer the tip … this is a nice set. Also, I’m inappropriately attracted to Chan Marshall because of her voice, and I think it’s appropriate to admit that here.

  2. WHY does Cat smoke??
    It’s a great way to ruin your lungs, which aren’t thaaaat important when you’re a singer…

  3. Who cares if she smokes? That´s her fault or fun or whatever. None of your business.
    What I care about: I came too late, the links are down :-(((

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