Flat Duo Jets :: Two Headed Cow (Documentary OST)


Just heard about this accompanying soundtrack to the 2006 documentary, Two Headed Cow, about NC’s seminal rockabilly outfit Flat Duo Jets. I still have yet to seek out the film, but plan on it, as I have only seen footage of the duo on YouTube, and the excellent ’80s Athens scene documentary Inside/Out. Production notes below.

“From the late ‘80s to mid-90s, the intrepid garage-blues duo — that’s right, such a thing did exist before the White Stripes — the Flat Duo Jets paved a rollicking path with its raw intensity and soulful charm. While the band is now long gone, the duo has announced release of Two Headed Cow, the soundtrack to the 2006 documentary of the same name. The disc contains seventeen unreleased tracks recorded in 1986.

Two Headed Cow is a movie about roots rocker Dexter Romweber and his music. His original band the Flat Duo Jets was one of the most influential bands of the last two decades and has been an inspiration for many other musicians from Jack White and Cat Power to the Rev. Horton Heat and Neko Case (White, Chan Marshall aka Cat Power and Case appear in the film along with Exene Cervenka and Jason Edge of the Original Sinners.) Two Headed Cow traces the formative years of the band through their signing to a major label through the break-up and Dexter’s life today.”

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The Flat Duo Jets :: Crazy Hazy Kisses (live) Video

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MP3: Flat Duo Jets :: Rawhide
MP3: Flat Duo Jets :: Rock House
Amazon: Flat Duo Jets – Two Headed Cow

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  1. Flat Duo Jets are one of the most underrated bands of their era. Imagine if The Cramps and Sadies had an incorrigible love child whose hobby was collecting obscure ’50s singles. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check out Go Go Harlem Baby. It makes the White Stripes sound like they’re writing jingles for Miller Lite.

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