Dusty Springfield

Not surprisingly, Cat Power’s smoky Black Session (recorded for the French Inter radio) has me reaching for my old copy of Dusty In Memphis; an album that continues to remain fresh, no matter the context, years after its introduction to my library. Like any album worth its salt, I go through stages in which one song stands out as my favorite. Right now that honor lays in the hands of track six, “Breakfast In Bed.”  Enjoy.


MP3: Dusty Springfield :: Breakfast In Bed
Amazon: Dusty Springfield – Dusty In Memphis

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6 Responses to “Dusty Springfield :: Breakfast In Bed”

  1. AD, I’m surprised you didn’t put up Hutchen’s cover of this one. It’s fabulous. You can find it on archive.org I’m sure.

  2. I’m loving Shelby Lynne’s version on her new album. It’s all sex. Surprised you didn’t mention Eddie Hinton…

  3. “Breakfast in Bed” is the aural equivalent of movie-star good looks.

  4. Amazes me how Dusty seems more popular now than ever. That said, it’s hard to get tired of her! Thanks. B

  5. yo jayne! yeah, i plan on ripping my copy of “All Dolled Up” this morning and getting it up here as well.

  6. “Willie and Laura Mae Jones” is also one of my favorites from that record.

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