Retro TV Themes Revisited :: The White Shadow


Retro TV Themes Revisited is an on-going AD feature that aims to mine our long-running collection of past television (aural) glories, cuz they just aren’t making them like they used to. Have at it in the comments.

What happens when you take a white pro basketball player, who is forced into early retirement due to an injury, and stick him in the head coach position at a predominantly black high school in South Central L.A.? Why, The White Shadow, naturally! A long-time AD syndicated favorite, The White Shadow aired on CBS from 1978-1981 and boasted this funky mess, below, in the opening credits.

Sidenote: This one is just begging for the big screen treatment. Hollywood, what do you think of Josh Lucas – (basically) reprising his Glory Road character – throwing on some tube socks as the Shadow’s coach Ken Reeves?


MP3: The White Shadow Theme

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3 thoughts on “Retro TV Themes Revisited :: The White Shadow

  1. Another great TV theme music post! This one used to make me run around the living room playing air basketball every time it came on. I love the sorta honky tonk guitar mixed with the slap bass mid-way through.

  2. Wow, just barely remember that one. How about Barney Miller’s music? I’d love to hear that one in its entirety.

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