One more Black Session. Since acquiring this set, recorded for French radio inter a few years back, I’ve often found myself revisiting it as much, or more, than Feist’s official output. And that is not to be read as a knock against the LPs, as it is a testament to the strength of the set. Predominately culled from 2004’s Let It Die, the session also boasts some choice covers.

Cat Power :: The Black Sessions


MP3: Feist :: Gatekeeper
MP3: Feist :: Leisure Suite
MP3: Feist :: Mushaboom
MP3: Feist :: One Evening
MP3: Feist :: Lovers Spit (Broken Social Scene)
MP3: Feist :: Let It Die & Lonely Lonely
MP3: Feist :: …That Girl & Foolproof (Kinks/Ron Sexsmith)
MP3: Feist :: When I Was A Young Girl
MP3: Feist :: Intuition
MP3: Feist :: Now At Last
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8 Responses to “Feist :: The Black Sessions”

  1. Great site. I’ll be sure to check you out on Sirius.

  2. Wow, thanks a lot for these! I’m looking forward to hearing those covers for the first time (aside from “Lovers Spit”).

    The first time I saw her was about four years ago at the my favourite venue. It was wonderful, and I was lucky enough to snag a copy of Monarch.

  3. hello. i dont know why i cant download Lovers Spit. so can u help me?

  4. repost?

  5. Could you please repost the links (she asked with desperate fervor)?

  6. http://rs388.rapidshare.com/files/108707139/FeiBllaSeSSon.zip


    I’m spreading the Feist love!
    Just thought I’d share!

  7. Thanks Anabolical for the links! I’m looking forward to finally hearing the complete Black Session of the lovely Ms. Feist.

  8. […] I’m currently enjoying the following: -listening to live music at The Cedar -downloading Feist on French radio -reading Meaghan O’Connell’s blog Life is hard. Here is someone. -my […]

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