Jim James/M. Ward :: SXSW 2008 (Acoustic)


photo credit: jonlachance, sxsw 2008

Jim James & M. Ward / St. David’s Church /SXSW 2008- March 15, 2008

Zipped Show: Jim James/M. Ward :: St. David’s Church /SXSW 2008

Show details and set list after the jump…

Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and M. Ward

March 15, 2008

SOURCE: Church Audio ST-11 cardiods > Church Audio ST-9000 preamp > iRiver H-120

LINEAGE: iRiver H-120 > HD > Audacity (fades, normalize, compression for loud clapping) > Sound Studio (tracking) > Flac.



Disk 1 (part 1) – M Ward (solo)

01) Sad, Sad Song
02) Oh Lonesome Me
03) Poison Cup
04) Rollercoaster
05) Duet for Guitars #3

Disk 1 (part 2) – Jim James and M Ward

06) Chinese Translation
07) One Life Away
08) Outta My Head
09) Wonderful (the Way I Feel)
10) Golden
11) Look at You

Disk 2 – Jim James

01) Bermuda Highway
02) It Beats 4 U
03) What A Wonderful Man
04) Sec Walkin’
05) Librarian
06) Smokin From Shootin
07) Thank You Too
08) I Will Be There When You Die
09) Gideon

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11 thoughts on “Jim James/M. Ward :: SXSW 2008 (Acoustic)

  1. I was lucky enough to attend this show

    while i’ve seen matt & jim and play together twice before, this show and the setting was just unreal. definitely one of the better shows i’ve ever seen.

    recording sounds fantastic. apparently there will be a soundboard + this aud matrix done soon too. i taped it with my Zoom H2 last minute, and it sounds ok, but not nearly this great.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this show!! It’s so great!

    The version of What A Wonderful Man is sublime.

  3. Any way this show can be posted again or the zip can be emailed to me? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks and great site.

  4. Getting this message at sendspace: Sorry, this connection has reached the 300MB hourly download limit.

    Earlier got the message that the limit had expired and to try back in six hours. Any chance of a torrent or megaupload/rapidshare link?

  5. Oh man. Thanks for posting this! We got totally shut out of this show at SXSW and I’ve been trying to get a hold of it for a while. Cheers!

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