Without You :: Pete Ham (Solo Version)


In response to my Badfinger post from last month, Duke sent me this solo version of “Without You” that can be found on the Pete Ham collection Golders Green.   Elegant minimalism and simplicity.

MP3: Pete Ham :: Without You (solo version)
Amazon: Pete Ham – Golders Green

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4 thoughts on “Without You :: Pete Ham (Solo Version)

  1. isn’t it beautiful?

    i love that even though ham and tom evans usually wrote seperately, their biggest hit was a collaboration as evens wrote the “i can’t live” chorus….

    i just heard an interview with nilsson right before his death on k rock in nyc….he talks about how he heard the song at a party in laurel canyon and asked around the next day til he found it…apparently, badfinger were down the hall where he recorded it and he brought them in to listen to his version of it and it (quite understandably ) blew them away!

    if yer ineterested, i can get you the nilsson interview to post, or this other ham song called “it doesn’;t really matter” from his demos….

    love the blog, check it every day…..

    jay gonzalez

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