In three short years Chris Mills has gone from living the dream to living in its aftermath. I loved Mills last album, The Wall To Wall Sessions, and distinctly remember listening to album’s first track, the tragically beautiful “Chris Mills Is Living The Dream,” over and over again in a hotel room in midtown Atlanta the day it came out.

Whereas the Wall To Wall Sessions employed a veritable orchestra to convey its chamber pop confections, Living In The Aftermath finds Mills, instrumentally, in a rawer, tighter and dare I say, rock & roll space. Lyrically riffing on a blur of whatever subjects comes to mind, Mills cites horror movies, four-color ash-can adventures, and the black and white reflections of late night re-runs, as inspiration (and it shows).

Check out Aftermath’s first single below, and do make sure to listen to “Chris Mills Is Living The Dream” while you’re at it.

MP3: Chris Mills :: Atom Smasher (new)
MP3: Chris Mills :: Chris Mills Is Living The Dream
Pre-order: Chris Mills – Living In The Aftermath

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3 Responses to “Chris Mills :: Living In The Aftermath”

  1. nice post! everyone should check out his ‘Nobody’s Favorite’ ep circa ’96. an intimate,
    stripped down spin for sure… i spent more time with that record than others in my collection during the late 90’s, and it never once disappointed. dig his evolution here!

  2. p.s. come to think of it i still owe him $5 for that ep. he was kind enough to give it
    to me after a show in detroit around ’97 when i was strapped for cash. sorry c. mills, i haven’t forgotten your graciousness…

  3. You’re are great! You write about everything I like and the stuff I don’t know exist!
    I know you will keep up the good work, but just don’t miss Langhorne Slim’s release the 24:th april, that record will be something!

    Best regards!
    David, Stockholm

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