The Watson Twins :: Just Like Heaven/Fire Songs


While I’ve always found the music of Rilo Kily to be tepid at best, I did enjoy Jenny Lewis’s country-tinged side project, from 2005, Rabbit Fur Coat. I have Fur Coat to thank for introducing me to the music of The Watson Twins who received co-billing on the album, and toured with Lewis on the subsequent tour.

The Watson Twins next LP Fire Songs is due out this June, via Vanguard Records, including including this excellent and sleepy rendition of The Cure’s oft covered “Just Like Heaven.”


MP3: The Watson Twins :: Just Like Heaven (cure cover)
MP3: The Watson Twins :: How Am I To Be

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7 thoughts on “The Watson Twins :: Just Like Heaven/Fire Songs

  1. About fucking time someone said that. I really have never warmed to more than a couple of Rilo Kiley songs, but Rabbit Fur Coat really is a gorgeous album. I have confess I wasn’t all that keen on The Watson Twins’ previous record though.

  2. OMG Matthew it’s such BAD ASS, he says “About Fuc***g time” Jesus dude, you are soo bad ass! WHOAAAA

    oh kids …i bet Matt is just a dorky bugger eater kid that gets so manly on the web! 😀

  3. …. Or am I wrong?? ….. maybe I am … still, it’s pretty stupid to curse randomly like that ….

  4. I thought Matthew’s post way way more well-adjusted than the one attacking him for typing fucking. Who the bad ass here? And why would anybody eat a bugger? You mean booger. Lighten up, kid. Life’s too long. Great cover, though

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