Lately, while in the car, I’ve been listening to Christopher Denny’s album Age Old Hunger. At eleven songs and 43 minutes, it’s a strange, and entertaining, take on the classic Dylan mojo. While Denny’s androgynous croon may not be for everyone, it gives his plaintive folk songs the bottom and personality lacking in so many of todays singer-songwriters. If pressed to describe Denny’s “sound” in a phrase, I’d say it is something like Antony & The Johnsons – if Antony had spent his formative years in Denny’s native Arkansas, locked in a room, with nothing but an old copy of Highway 61 Revisited to keep him company. If that sounds like your thing, you’ll want to check out a couple of tracks off Age Old Hunger below.

MP3: Christopher Denny :: Gypsy Into A Carpenter
MP3: Christopher Denny :: Westbound Train
Amazon: Christopher Denny – Age Old Hunger

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  1. Bloody gorgeous. A bit less racous than Highway 61, but his voice is lovely.

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