While by no means essential, Jason Isbell’s live EP, recorded at Twist & Shout Records last year, provides an interesting document for those curious about Isbell’s sound with his new band, The 400 Unit. Here’s The 400 Unit’s take on a DBT favorite.

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MP3: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit :: Oufit
Amazon: Jason Isbell – Live @ Twist & Shout

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7 Responses to “Jason Isbell :: Live @ Twist & Shout / 2007”

  1. Ah, but it does include that rather lovely version of “Into the Mystic” that he’s been doing live.

  2. I’ve seen Isbell twice now and I have to say his live shows are incredible. I love the album but it comes to life on stage – songs like Try and Grown are throw-aways on the album but kill in the rock show.

  3. Oh wow! I can’t wait to get this. I didn’t know it was coming out, but I’m picking this up ASAP.

    I saw him in Jackson a whiles back–damn, it was fine.

  4. Nom – I agree and I think that’s something I wrote about in my original review of the album. The first three songs on the album are really kinda mediocre, but live, they turn into first-class guitar work outs. I don’t always want to listen to that on cd – in fact, I often don’t. But live, amongst his other work, they’re golden.

  5. Did he ever get his equipment returned?

  6. Interesting…

  7. Another Splendid post

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