Compiled by the Numero Group, and released next month, Soul Messages From Dimona is a soul collection combining the elements of jazz, funk, soul and gospel, all performed by American ex-pat artists who, from 1975-1981, made their home in Dimona, Israel. Musically taking elements from their native homes of Detroit and Chicago, these five groups embraced Black Hebrew Culture, and expressed its message in the funk. Dig.

MP3: Soul Messengers :: Burn Devil Burn
MP3: Tonistics :: Holding On
Pre-order: Soul Messages From Dimona

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  1. Ah, Numero. What less could you expect?

  2. […] It’s an incredible amalgamation of funk, soul, gospel, and a smidgen of psychedelia. The music blogosphere has universally praised it and the always biting and not too generous pitchforkmedia […]

  3. Hi, very interesting post, and I agree with alot of it. I have already bookmarked your blog :).Thankyou.

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