New Orleans :: Jazzfest, April/May 2008


Who’s hitting up jazzfest this year in New Orleans? We’ll be there the second weekend presenting the Parliament Funkadelic show at The Republic. Details/Tickets to follow…

MP3: James Booker :: Tipitina/The Grass Looks Greener
MP3: Funkadelic :: Can You Get To That?
MP3: Aaron Neville :: Hercules

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4 thoughts on “New Orleans :: Jazzfest, April/May 2008

  1. I’m going the first weekend. Is there anyone anybody recommends going to see? Am unfamiliar with most of the smaller acts.

  2. i will be there and enjoyin’ the sounds. although there isn’t too much jazz at jazzfest this year. i heard detroit has a kickass jazz festival. anyways, hit me up if you’re in town drunkard and i’ll take you around my radio station wwoz 90.7 fm new orleans. i’m filling in on thursday afternoons for david torkanowsky and making the most of french quarter fest right now. be well and thanks for all the great music you post here.

  3. Heading down for the 2nd weekend. For anyone that is going to be around a couple of extra days, The Whigs are in the big easy on the Tuesday night following Jazzfest.

  4. i’ll be there wed & thurs 2nd weekend…catching stanton moore trio/garage a trois at the howling wolf wed night. soulive @ republic and some sort of jazzfest super jam across the street at howling wolf thurs night.

    and for whomever said thereisn’t “jazz” at jazzfest, the fairgrounds is only a small part of jazzfest. get out in the clubs at night. plus at the fairground there is a jazz tent, you can sit there all day in the shade and catch fantastic jazz.

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