Car Jamming, Pt 1 :: Titus And Strident Wet Nurse

robert pollard guided by voices

I’m sitting in a hotel room approximately 100 miles east of Amarillo, TX in what may very well be the definition of a one horse town (and this being west Texas, I mean that both literally and figuratively). Might I also add that if you ever find yourselves in Amarillo, TX, do pay a visit to the Golden Light Cafe and try the Frito Pie (outstanding). Mrs AD and I are on a six week sabbatical of sorts, from life in L.A., traveling cross-country en route back east to the Mississippi delta to continue research/work on the Memphis & delta blues trail book we’re working on (April ’09 publish date.) Heading east, we’re doing (scenic) sections of Route 66, along with I-40, from L.A. to Oklahoma.

In light of this extended road trip, I’m starting a new, recurring, feature on the blog entitled Car Jamming. Dig it. Already a swell Clash tune, it’s a fitting name for this on-the-road series in which I’ll unload various and random trinkets, both song and otherwise. For this, the inaugural post, I’m going with Guided By VoicesTitus And Strident Wet Nurse,” a Drunkard favorite that came up on the the iPod’s shuffle a couple of days ago while veering off Route 66, heading towards Santa Fe, NM. Besides an essential addition to any GBV fan’s collection, I wanted to take the opportunity to point out this great fan site I found a year or so ago that (along with an mp3 of “Titus”) hosts a number of GBV oddities, live tracks, soundtrack clips, and fan remixes. Great stuff.

Back on Route 66 tomorrow headed towards Oklahoma on our way to the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, MS. Shit is gonna be crazy. Until then, download some Pollard, and make sure you watch the video for “Titus” below for the full effect. More travelogue-esque posts to follow, along with yer regularly scheduled aquarium drunkard programming. – xooxox AD

MP3: Guided By Voices :: Titus And Strident Wet Nurse
MP3: Robert Pollard :: The Ballad of Kid Marine (splice/edit)

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Guided By Voices – Titus And Strident Wet Nurse, San Jose, CA – 2001

11 thoughts on “Car Jamming, Pt 1 :: Titus And Strident Wet Nurse

  1. man that’s a super post. Guided by voices seems a mix between acdc and a young david bowie… great potential.

  2. I went to Juke Joint Festival last year and had an absolute blast. Most people go to Ground Zero and thats cool. Reverend Peyton and Super Chikan are playing there. But it aint the real deal. Just go to Red’s late night Saturday. Trust me. Its not listed on the schedule and its off the beaten path a little bit, but it’s PURE juke joint.

  3. You seem to take these marathon roadtrips all the time – I’m jealous! Enjoy Southwestern Oklahoma – aka the Armpit of America. Crank some Skynard. Try the Chicken Express.

  4. I’ll second that some parts of Oklahoma are definitely armpit-ish. If you’re taking I-40 you’ll probably go through Elk City, the birthplace of Jimmy Webb, that’s kinda cool. And of course half of all Country Music-dom is from Oklahoma. Something about desolate wastelands bring out the talent. Enjoy.

  5. awright, you gotta check out Dillard Hawkins’ “Eat-A-Bite” restaurant in Kilgore, TX. It’s an old air force town and he built his smoker from spare airplane parts. 30-feet ling, and I swear you can see smoke rings in the brisket like that redwood scene in “Vertigo.”
    When I asked for a napkin, Dillard’s son gave me half a loaf of wonder bread. I went there when I was 14 and I’ll never forget it.

    oh, and pass the word the chicks are back.

  6. Love the post. Guided By Voices are one of my top 5 bands of all time. Hey, how do you download those songs? Or can I just stream them on the page?

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