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This is a re-post per multiple requests following the 2007 White Session posted a couple of weeks ago. The following should be required listening for National fans; its material taken from the Cherry Tree EP and, mainly, Alligator (my favorite album from 2005), from which the band were touring in support of at the time.

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MP3: The National :: All The Wine
MP3: The National :: Secret Meeting
MP3: The National :: Driver Surprise Me
MP3: The National :: Lit Up
MP3: The National :: Cherry Tree
MP3: The National :: Baby, We’ll Be Fine
MP3: The National :: Geese
MP3: The National :: City Middle
MP3: The National :: Looking For Astronauts
MP3: The National :: Mr. November
MP3: The National :: Daughters of The Soho Riots
MP3: The National :: Abel
MP3: The National :: Wasp Nest

the national website ++ the national @ myspace ++ emusic

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5 Responses to “The National :: The Black Sessions (Paris, 2005)”

  1. Thanks for re-posting this. Much appreciated.

  2. COOOL!!!!

  3. speaking of patriots, you should always check out Canada’s favourite tunes at channel 94 (cbc radio 3), or wander over to where great canadian music lives

  4. […] Aquarium Drunkard posted a very solid live session from The National. It’s from 2005 so you won’t find any material from The Boxer, but the recordings are top notch. […]

  5. i like the The National, bat for me results error 🙁 ” We are unable to play media on this page at this time. Refresh the page and try again” :((((((((((

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