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Good things tend to beget good things. Here’s a recent example of this: A few months ago I was turned on the the Amnion album by one of my favorite L.A. artists of the past year, Frankel. Thanks to his recommendation Amnion’s LP from last year, AmenNAmO 9rghmxs, has quickly worked its way into heavy rotation in my car (driving cross-country), and is steadily working its way into an increasing number of my weekly SIRIUS playlists.

An album full of minor epics, AmenNAmO 9rghmxs somehow lends itself equally to the headphone experience as well as to the open road with the windows rolled all the way down. Listen to aTONn below, on repeat, for a taste, and if you’re here in Los Angeles see Amnion next month with Frankel at the May residency for Le Switch at the Echo.

MP3: Amnion :: aTONn
Purchase: Amnion – AmenNAmO 9rghmxs

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9 thoughts on “Amnion :: aTONn

  1. since amnions record has come out, i can be found all around the streets of los angeles blasting it with the windows of the dirty old honda down, even at red lights. im always hoping ill pull up next to someone who will be made an instant fan by osmosis. i want to send this record to my mom, my grandma, and all my aunts and my cousins. it is healing. it makes my inner child cease to be inner. i love this band. i listen to them in the morning, in the afternoon, and under the moon. they give me hope! for music and humanity! i am eternally grateful and excited about their music…just knowing it exists makes my heart beat faster, sort of like a musical school yard crush! they make me smile! ok, enough.

  2. Amnion is like therapy. When it plays, my mind stops worrying.

    If you haven’t gone to a live show yet, make time for it, you need it. You don’t know it yet. But you do. It’s like rediscovering that part of you that can just be mesmerized by something without the need to judge it. Remember how it was when you were a kid?…like that, except for the fact that you are driving home. Unless you have the CD in the car of course. 🙂

  3. hey, so with Amnion, the embry’s have this crazy stew they brew and i’d agree that in the car, cross country it’s a soundtrack to ‘travel light’ with. kudos for having eyes to see and ears to hear. cheers, kurt daradics

  4. Saying that a song or a band “lends itself equally to the headphone experience as well as to the open road with the windows rolled all the way down” is probably the best review an artist can get…

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