Dale Hawkins :: LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas

tyer.jpgBeen traveling around the Mississippi Delta (presently in Greenwood, MS) for over a week now, doing juke joint research and eating all manner of fried food, soul food, crawfish, et al (speaking of, might I recommend Lusco’s restaurant in Greenwood, MS).

Look for the next installment of Car Jamming soon-ish. Right now though, we’re going to literally tackle the phrase as it pertains to road music, and Dale Hawkins’ 1969 LP LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas most definitely fits the bill. A Louisiana native, Hawkins’ tunes embody some of my favorite things: rock & roll, the King, country and blues swagger, and honky tonkin’.

Note: Look for LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas on vinyl at your neighborhood used record shop, or hit up the Amazon “import” link below. From what I can tell, the U.S. iTunes store does not seem to carry the album.

MP3: Dale Hawkins :: LA-Memphis-Tyler
MP3: Dale Hawkins :: Candy Man
Amazon: Dale Hawkins – LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas

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9 thoughts on “Dale Hawkins :: LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas

  1. AD, good to hear you’re in town. Assuming you’re heading to Clarksdale at some point–try to stay at the Shack Up Inn! If you make it down to Jax, drop us a line and we’ll ply you with booze.

  2. hot record. Bobby Charles, who you’ve posted on before, wrote two of the better songs on here: Joe and La La, La La. I would suggest anybody in to Bobby Charles to give this a try. I love Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town… the sound is different than the rest, like a vintage recording, but it knocked me out when it popped up on a shuffle one day.

  3. I rss your blog and was totally blown away when i read the title. i’m in tyler, texas which is why i am always scouring blogs looking for new and good. those two things don’t happen too much on the radio here.

  4. As long as you’re heading into Restaurants on the blog…

    If you’re in Greenville or anywhere nearby make sure you head over to Doe’s Eat Place.

    If you’re in Clarksdale, try Abe’s or Chamoun’s….

    Should you make it back to LA without having driven through Tyler, you can get an approximation at “Dr. Hoggly Woggly’s Tyler Texas BBQ.” It’s on Sepulveda in the Valley, and they’ve got astroturf outside.

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