Dirty Laundry :: The Soul of Black Country

Dirty Laundry :: The Soul of Black Country

Get off yer horse and check out a few samples from volume one of the two-volume Dirty Laundry compilation that rounds up a collection of black country-soul nuggets, both covers and originals (James Brown covering Hank Williams, anyone?), from the sixties and seventies. Thanks to mr. Ryan for the turn-on.

MP3: Bettye LaVette :: What Condition My Condition Is In
MP3: James Brown :: Your Cheating Heart (link fixed)
MP3: Bettye Swann :: Just Because You Can’t Be Mine
Amazon: Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country

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12 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry :: The Soul of Black Country

  1. if that’s james brown then i’m a monkey’s uncle, and my brother never gets laid.

  2. Badass. I just covered this very topic on my blog, The Adios Lounge. If you like this sorta thing, check it out. And not having heard of this comp, thanks for the heads up. This will be sweet to cherry-pick for my next go-round.

  3. The link you have to Bettye LaVette’s What Condition My Condition Was In is a bootleged live version, totally different from the one on Dirty Laundry.

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