Dennis Wilson :: At Long Last…Bambu


“The next album is a hundred times what Pacific Ocean Blue is. It kicks. It’s different in a way. I think I have more confidence now that I’ve completed one project, and I’m moving on to another” – Dennis Wilson (on the unreleased Bambu album)

Next month will see the release of the two disc – 30th anniversary – reissue of Dennie Wilson’s long out-of-print solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. Thank you Legacy Recordings. Disc two of the reissue is of special interest, as it will house the unreleased follow-up LP to Pacific Ocean Blue, entitled Bambu, which was until recently thought to have been spelled Bamboo. Like disc one, the second disc boasts outtakes — this time from the Caribou sessions

Below: Sample the first seven tacks off the long-bootlegged Bambu album. Then go out next month and purchase the Pacific Ocean Blue reissue for the outtakes and cleaned up sound. You’ll thank me later.

MP3: Dennis Wilson :: Moonlight (bootleg version)
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: It’s Not Too Late (bootleg version)
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: Companion (bootleg version)
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: Schoolgirl (bootleg version)
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: (I Found Myself in a) Wild Situation (bootleg version)
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: Baby Blue Eyes (bootleg version)
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: Love Surrounds Me (bootleg version)
Amazon: Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue – Legacy Edition

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13 thoughts on “Dennis Wilson :: At Long Last…Bambu

  1. Pacific Ocean Blue is much much better I think. Bambu wasn’t ready for release, and arguably wasn’t good enough. Fascinating albums both.

  2. Been waiting for this since January and they keep pushing the release date back. Should have been out last week, but when I went to sundazed to get the 3xLP it still wasn’t in stock. Oh well, guess another month of waiting won’t kill me.

  3. easily the most exciting reissue of the year. once paid 30 or so for the original. was too hard to resist in the flesh. we’ve been thinking of doing a little give away when it drops (if i can bear to part with the new one). verry moving music.

  4. I gotta believe that Brian had a lot of input after listening to the bootleg tracks above … wonderful!

  5. Thanks for this. I’ve been meaning to find POB for years and just thought about it again a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking forward to the reissue.

  6. When I finally got a chance to listen to Pacific Ocean Blue a couple of years back, I was blown away. Can’t wait for the re-issue…

  7. I just found about this reissue – it’s been a LONG time coming! I’m very very excited.

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