Just got back to Los Angeles after six weeks on the road and, brother, let me tell you it feels great to be home. Big thanks to AD contributor J. Neas for an excellent series of posts while I was out criss-crossing the country. As of this post its back to business as usual here at AD, but I will try and throw up another couple post-trip Car Jamming pieces.

We made the drive back to California in two days – I have part two of the Trikont label’s on point Country-Soul series, More Dirty Laundry to thank for helping to pass the time and the miles. This set picks up where volume one left off, and you can expect part three via Light In The Attic soon.

Previously: Dirty Laundry :: The Soul of Black Country, Pt 1

MP3: Johnny Adams :: Hell, Yes I Cheated
MP3: Lou Johnson :: She Thinks I Still Care
Amazon: Soul of Black – More Dirty Laundry (Import)

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4 Responses to “More Dirty Laundry :: The Soul of Black Country”

  1. Great blog guys



  2. great. i got to know dirty laundry pt 1 thanks to AD. now, im gonna get me number 2.

    thanks, man.

  3. I am definitely going to listen to this… My musical tastes are all over the place but recently I have been listening to a lot of Eric Solomon. He has a really good sound-check him out

  4. pas mal cool je vais revenir voir si ya des changements

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