Retro TV Themes Revisited is an on-going AD feature that aims to mine our long-running collection of past television (aural) glories, cuz they just aren’t making them like they used to. Have at it in the comments.

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me. I’m living on the air in Cincinnati, Cincinnati WKRP…I’m at WKRP In Cincinnati.”

Johnny ‘Dr. Fever’ Caravella, Herbert ‘Herb’ Tarlek, Les Nessman, and DJ Venus Flytrap…characters every one of them; and then you had Loni Anderson, who I always just assumed was playing herself. Yup, WKRP In Cincinnati.

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MP3: WKRP In Cincinnati :: Theme Song

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8 Responses to “Retro TV Themes Revisited :: WKRP In Cincinnati”

  1. in my opinion, probably THE best tv theme song. right up there with simon & simon.

  2. Definitley my favorite tv theme song of all time. This doesn’t sound like the original though…is it a cover?

  3. I heard a story about the recently released seasons on DVD that they couldnt use the original songs that were in the episodes that they had to dub in some cheesy music. Just a warning for anybody thinking of buying the shows on DVD.

  4. that sucks. they had to do that for the TV show “Tour of Duty” as well.

  5. I discovered Van Morrison’s “Caravan” watching WKRP. Took years to figure out what it was. And, since I was in my teens at the times it was popular, I considered building a shrine to Bailey Quarters.

  6. Ahh, the opening shot of Fountain Square always makes me smile.
    ‘Nati represent!
    Great post

  7. That is some cover version, it is not the original.

    The end theme rocks too.

  8. I honestly think Bailey Quarters established the standard by which I judge all women. She came along at just the right time for this impressionable youth.

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