He’s doing it “Reynolds style.” Author/collector Tom Hamling suffers from a condition that drives him to hunt down the very most obscure in vinyl records. Granted, this in and of itself would describe half of my friends, but Hamling strictly hunts only the horrible, wretched, thing that is celebrities cutting albums. Yup, Burt Reynolds did one, so did Mr. Spock, Ed McMahon, John Travolta, Don Johnson, Alyssa Milano, and Goldie Hawn. I could go on, and the book does. I’ve known Hamling for awhile now, and am pretty sure the guy actually has multiple copies of some of these titles — clearly the extent of the man’s obsession knows no limits. Hamling adds commentary along with each entry. The one below namechecks Jim J. Bullock, and is par for the course. And don’t fret, I’m not posting any music from any of these beasts.

“Let me begin by saying Burton Leon Reynolds is the biggest bad ass in the history of film. I would take a bullet for Gator McKlusky. But no matter how much courage it took to save Ned Beatty’s virginal anus in Deliverance, it didn’t take half the courage that making this piece of shit took. What the hell is Burt wearing here? Did he just get invited to Jim J. Bullock’s house for a game of Cowboy and Indian? And what’s with the title Ask Me What I Am? I’ll tell you what you are, Burt: a douche.” – Tom Hamling

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3 Responses to “Celebrity Vinyl :: A Book By Tom Hamling”

  1. No tracks? Why the hell not? Please reconsider.

    P.S. I’m not joking. You can’t just pique my interest and then give me the musical equivalent of blue balls. You complete and utter tease.

  2. the burt reynolds is pretty fantastic. picked it up for 25 cents at freakbeat a few years ago.

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