AD Presents :: Drive-By Truckers, West Coast Dates


Drive-By Truckers are heading back to California for two upcoming dates with Dead Confederate. Aquarium Drunkard is presenting both Solana Beach, CA (Belly Up Tavern) and Sacramento, CA (Empire Room). We have ten pairs of tickets (5/Solana Beach, 5/Sacramento) to give away to AD readers.

To enter for a pair, leave a comment below with your favorite Hood penned tune – and be sure to state which date you’re interested in, Solana Beach, CA, or Sacramento, CA. Also, leave your first/last name – with a valid email address – so we can contact you. Winners will be contacted by the end of the weekend.

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MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife
MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: The Righteous Path
Amazon: Drive-by Truckers – Brighter Than Creation’s Dark ++ new west ++

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18 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Drive-By Truckers, West Coast Dates

  1. What’s with it being called “The Avalon” on the poster? Is it not Belly Up Tavern anymore??

  2. One of my fave Hood tunes is still Nine Bullets. I find myself always singing along, and then become disturbed after I realize what it is I’m actually saying – good times!

    If I get tix, I would like to go to the Solana Beach show – thanks!!

  3. I’ll be 100% honest, I don’t know any songs from either band but have heard many wonderful things about both of them. I’d really like to check out the show in Sacramento if you find it in your heart to reward an honest man.

  4. Favorite Hood tune: today it’s ‘Rightous Path’ from the new one, as I sit at my cubicle trying to stay on it…


  5. ” A World Of Hurt”-Made me tear up when I saw him play it acoustically in San Francisco- Sacramento please 🙂

  6. “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” is in my top 10 sad songs of all time.

    Solana Beach

  7. “Plastic Flowers On The Highway” Shit so many more…..Daddy needs a drink, let there be rock, the night gg alin came to town….

    Solano Beach Please.

  8. Patterson has many memorable songs (so does Cooley for the matter). I like the simplicity of “Bulldozers and Dirt”…..”she was the wildest thing I’d ever seen, the way she pointed that shotgun at me”. Later in the same song is the phrase “…the dirt underneath.” They named their ’07 Acoustic Tour after that phrase.

    Love the DBT’s…I’d raise a shot of JD and toast AD at the show in Sacramento!

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