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With an average release schedule of 3-4 titles per year even the most ardent fans of the Pollard faithful can turn skeptic. And rightly so. This, the 1st release from the newly christened Guided by Voices label, is both refreshing and the most rewarding release Pollard has issued since 2006’s From A Compound Eye, which was ironically, (as Pollard’s first official solo outing since disbanding Guided by Voices) the best GBV record in years.

Its no secret The Who has long remained a constant source of inspiration throughout Pollard’s songwriting career — shades of every era of The Who’s output can be found within the GBV discography: from the poppy short bursts of The Who Sell Out, to the big rock of 1971’s Who’s Next, to the scattershot thematic storytelling of Quadrophenia. In its own way Off To Business further explores Pollard’s Who muse, but here I’m finding musical homages more akin to latter era Pete Townshend songwriting.

Check out “The Blondes”, below, for an example and note Pollard’s vocal turn a-la another Bob…this time Mould.

MP3: Robert Pollard :: The Blondes
MP3: Robert Pollard :: Gratification To Concrete
Amazon: Robert Pollard – Robert Pollard Is Off To Business ++

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Just in case you hadn’t watched it in awhile: Guided by Voices :: The Official Ironmen Rally Song. Next to the classic leg kicks from the “I Am A Scientist” video, this one ranks as my favorite GBV (official) video. The sense of nostalgia depicted in its two-plus minutes is undeniable.

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2 thoughts on “Robert Pollard Is Off To Business

  1. you are g**damn right…that is still a kick-ass rock song from “a great american rock record”, as my friend used to call it.

    writing to you from downtown dayton, oh…thx for posting this video…seeing bob, jim, tobin around northridge, the ‘toxic reasons’ t-shirt, the snakepit, bob’s dayton public schools teacher photo…very, very cool stuff.

    gbv is one of the great rock ‘n roll bands – without a doubt. long live guided by voices!

    my wife and i ran into bob at tank’s bar on wayne avenue a couple of years ago…my wife was positively giddy at the site of a genuine rock hero, as was i when i turned around to make sure it was him…we bought bob and his entourage a round of drinks; i tell you, as sure as i sit here and type this, it was the highlight of our marriage…

    great stuff…

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