Pink Floyd :: Peel Session (BBC Radio, July 16th 1970)

MP3: Pink Floyd :: Introduction by John Peel
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Embryo
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Fat Old Sun
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Green Is The Color
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Careful With That Axe Eugene
MP3: Pink Floyd :: If
MP3: Pink Floyd :: The Atom Heart Mother

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10 Responses to “Pink Floyd :: Peel Session (BBC Radio 1970)”

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  2. Thank you, thank you, motherfucking thank you. Did I mention thank you?


  4. Thanks for posting these! This is waaaaay better than that 8th generation PF Live at the Fillmore bootleg I have on cassette.
    I never realized the slide guitar part in “Embryo” is note for note the same as “Echoes”.

  5. thank you so much!! i have had a bootleg tape of this for many years and i have literally prayed to get a better quality version in a format that it is not obsolete.

  6. Many many thanks! This is my favorite era of Pink Floyd and I am very excited to blast this on the stereo this morning.

    I heard that they also did one more Peel session in 70/71 – any idea what songs they did for that session?

  7. I’ve always loved Floyd’s floundering years after Barrett (though not as much as the brief Barrett years) and it’s great to hear these recordings again after hearing them in shoddy tapes and such. You can hear them refine themselves until they hit the elegance of Dark Side Of The Moon.

    Great post! When are they going to release “Scream Thy Last Scream” and Vegetable Man” properly in a definitive Barrett era set?! I’d buy that up right quick!

  8. How do you download permanently?

  9. Fedarch, right clcik save as if you run a PC, on a Mac, just save the link to wherever you want it

  10. i cannot download it the files doesnt exist anny more =( 404 NOTFOUND

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