gaturs wasted new orleans

High five. While The Gaturs name should be familiar to those who have picked up various ’70s NOLA funk & soul compilations (i.e., Soul Jazz Records), the Wasted LP itself has proved much more elusive.  After first digging the above LP while playing in the background at a friend’s house, during Jazz Fest in New Orleans, I’ve since been seeking out a physical copy of the disc high and low.  Per usual, Amoeba records came through in the clutch (so remember kids, support your local record store). Highly, highly recommended for fans of The Meters.

MP3: The Gaturs :: Booger Man
MP3: The Gaturs :: Cold Bear
Amazon: The Gaturs – Wasted

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3 Responses to “The Gaturs :: Wasted (1970)”

  1. Love this record and have loved it for quite a few years. Tuff City is the label and they put out all sorts of incredible funk like Eddie Bo, and great funk comps from the Big Easy, NYC, Detroit, etc. They all put out Trouble Funk.

  2. Great call on posting these tracks!
    I’ve had the Swivel Your Hips 45 and this reissue.
    Great stuff, I just wish there was a better sounding pressing

  3. willie tee!

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