The Replacements :: Shit, Shower & Shave (1989)


A long traded compilation, Shit, Shower & Shave, recorded in 1989, is the sound of the band while on tour with Tom Petty who later, infamously, ripped off Westerberg’s “rebel without a clue” line from the Mats I’ll Be You.” Tracks 1-12 Bristol Connecticut August 31 1989 – Tracks 13-17 Milwaukee Wisconsin, June 1989 (originally released on Sire’s Inconcerated promo CD) – Tracks 18-23 Mansfield Massachusetts August 28, 1989

MP3: The Replacements :: Talent Show
MP3: The Replacements :: Round And Round
MP3: The Replacements :: The Ledge
MP3: The Replacements :: Can’t Hardly Wait
MP3: The Replacements :: September Gurls (Big Star cover)
MP3: The Replacements :: Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones cover)
MP3: The Replacements :: Within Your Reach
MP3: The Replacements :: Left of The Dial
MP3: The Replacements :: Alex Chilton
MP3: The Replacements :: Nightclub Jitters
MP3: The Replacements :: I’ll Be You
MP3: The Replacements :: Bastards of Young
MP3: The Replacements :: Talent Show #2
MP3: The Replacements :: Answering Machine
MP3: The Replacements :: Anywhere’s Better Than Here
MP3: The Replacements :: Another Girl, Another Planet #2
MP3: The Replacements :: Here Comes A Regular
MP3: The Replacements :: Achin’ To Be
MP3: The Replacements :: Waitress In The Sky
MP3: The Replacements :: Don’t Ask Why
MP3: The Replacements :: Unsatisfied
MP3: The Replacements :: I’ll Be You #2
MP3: The Replacements :: I Will Dare

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Remember those Replacements reissues we were fawning over last month? Well, we’re still fawning as the bonus material from the Let It Be reissue has been particularly good. I wasn’t sure “Answering Machine” could get much rawer until I heard the demo Westerberg cut at home that is tacked on to the end of the disk. Check out the above video of the Mats doing “Answering Machine” during their 1989 performance at the Orange County Speedway in Middleton, NY. Also, be sure to stick around for the end of the video when the band comes in behind Paul.

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13 thoughts on “The Replacements :: Shit, Shower & Shave (1989)

  1. Wow, what a wonderful surprise this morning! I had a burned CD-R of this years ago and I’m very excited to go home and download this later on this afternoon.


  2. Nice to see Big Star get props for September Gurls, what about some credit to The Only Ones for the great Another Girl, Another Planet?

  3. This has made me so very happy. I was at the Bristol show and remember it like it was yesterday. The comment on the Stones at the end of “Talent Show” is one that has stayed with me since, and whenever I think about it I laugh.

    I miss them so. The Mats were one of a kind.

  4. Can’t get your player to work….
    It just plays “I’ll Be You” over and over..
    Do you have the Studio version of that song ?
    Both are live..
    Thanks. 🙂

  5. The only time I ever saw the Mats live was thankfully immortalised on the “Inconcerated” disc from 1989 which is included here. It was a great show and one of the few where the boys were fully coherant for the duration. Thanks for posting.

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