Speaking of the old Dischord scene…Fugazi, December 11, 1988 – Peel Session…

MP3: Fugazi :: Waiting Room (Peel Session ’88)
MP3: Fugazi :: Break In (Peel Session ’88)
MP3: Fugazi :: Merchandise (Peel Session ’88)
MP3: Fugazi :: Glueman (Peel Session ’88)

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15 Responses to “Fugazi :: Peel Sessions (December 11, 1988)”

  1. That was a great session. I don’t know why Fugazi asked Peel not to release it.

  2. Maybe they were drunk.

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  5. I remember I while back Aquarium Drunkard posted some Fugazi Steve Albini sessions. Any chance of those being posted again?

  6. I sense a Fugazi renaissance on the rise…

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  11. awesome guys !!!!

    many thanks to post it

    fantastic sound

  12. if anyone has the Steve albini sessions, I would very much appreciate a link. Thanks.

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  14. Thank you very much for the downloads.

  15. oh dear, they’re gone.

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