This, the reissue of Bubble And Scrape, is the sound of inevitability. Like various ’90s indie rock contemporaries before them, the Sebadoh reissues continue to gradually creep out; complete with a healthy dose of extras (15 tracks), which, by now, are practically a reissue prerequisite. Listening with fresh ears – 15 years after its release – I’m struck by, with its various stylistic changes, the influence the album had on various “indie” sub-genres over the past decade. Fan or not, one can not argue that Barlow and crew had not genuinely tapped into something.

On a personal note, this was the first Sebadoh album I remember listening to in its entirety, in high school, when in came out in 1993. As part of the Dinosaur Jr. faithful I was immediately curious about this Dino “off-shoot.” What I didn’t know at the time was that Lou Barlow had been releasing albums under the Sebadoh handle for years. Never one to sit still, Barlow, while continuing to steadily release material under Sebadoh, formed the Folk Implosion whose track “Natural One” – found on the Kids soundtrack – may, arguably be the artists most well known song. See video at the bottom of post.

The climate: It is worth noting that Bubble And Scrape, Sebadoh’s fourth LP, was their first release under the Sub Pop label who had by that time been put on the popular culture map via countless Nirvana fans retracing the bands steps post-Nevermind — which ultimately led to Sub Pop’s Bleach. My sixteen year old self included.

Live: Sebadoh fans — you can see the band perform Bubble And Scrape in its entity next month in Chicago at Pitchfork’s music festival at Union Park.

MP3: Sebadoh :: Two Years Two Days
MP3: Sebadoh :: Soul And Fire (acoustic demo)
Amazon: Sebadoh – Bubble And Scrape (Reissue)

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The Folk Implosion – Natural One (1995)

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2 Responses to “Sebadoh :: Bubble And Scrape (Reissue)”

  1. Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock was actually the first Sub Pop release, though it did gather the best of two overseas long EPs. B&S was the first actual album conceived as such released on SP.

  2. just now listening to bubble and scrape, but bakesale was the JAM back in hike school. Just pulled that out last week and it still keeps.

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