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While he won’t have Will Oldham in tow (how great is the above rendering of the two?) when it comes to cool capital, Dwight Yoakam has plenty to spend. Aquarium Drunkard has five pairs of tickets to give away to AD readers for the July 27th Dwight Yoakam date at the Greek Theatre here in Los Angeles.

Want a pair? Leave you favorite Yoakam track in the comments along with your full name (for Will Call) and a valid email address so we can contact you. See ya there.

MP3: Dwight Yoakam :: I’ll Be Gone (acoustic)
MP3: Dwight Yoakam :: Little Ways (acoustic)
Tickets: Dwight Yoakam :: The Greek Theatre, July 27th

www.dwightyoakam.com ++ myspace.com/dwightyoakam ++ www.greektheatrela.com

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32 Responses to “Dwight Yoakam :: The Greek Theatre, July 27th”

  1. Guitars, Cadillacs

  2. Streets of Bakersfield
    Aaron Iverson

  3. It Wont Hurt

  4. hey here Aquarium Drunkard …

    the 2nd track you posted up here is really LITTLE WAYS, *not* “Fast as You”

    how about FAST AS YOU ?

    yr pal Anne

    (you can contact me for my full name, okey dokey)

  5. “Streets of Bakersfield”!
    or “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere”

  6. I love his version of “I Want You to Want Me”

  7. 3 Good Reasons

  8. I’m gonna go with “Honkey Tonk Man.”

    “Pocket of a Clown” is pretty close…but it’s really for nostalgia…I just remember it on the radio in my parent’s old Mercury. The engine would always overheat so my dad rigged a little “James Bond” switch that controlled a little fan that he would turn on at red lights or in traffic.

    Thanks for the tunes!


  9. Two Doors Down and Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room.

    They both illustrate the anguish of love. I consider myself a romantic, and that with love comes anguish, but my wife thinks differently.

  10. Oh, Try Not to Look So Pretty too. Man, that song is great!

  11. ‘Just Passin Time’, off Blame The Vain. The backing vocals, a tad out of sync are fabulous and Mitch Marine is the best drummer in the entire world…simple yet driving.

  12. Always Late With Your Kisses.

    I used to have a VHS tape of a music video of this. So wonderful!

  13. I guess I’ll say the two you’ve posted: Little Ways and I’ll Be Gone!

  14. Very close between:

    “Streets of Bakersfield” and
    “Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose”

    Both feature Buck Owens (“Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose” only in an obligatory reference, but still) which make them that much better.

  15. His cover of Warren Zevon’s “Carmalita” is better than the original, as hard as that is to believe. He’s also got a great acoustic album floating around with some really beautiful traditional songs. When I listen to Yoakam I hear the best of what I love about country music, he’s definitely got it figured out.

  16. His cover of Train in Vain! I’ll give you my full name if I win.

  17. “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”
    Jim Riley

  18. Ain’t That Lonely Yet!

  19. Since I Started Driking Again

  20. “Little Ways”, “Fast as You” and his bitchin’ cover of “Tired of Waiting!”
    Go Drunkard!

  21. I think “It Won’t Hurt,” from Guitars, Cadillacs. etc… is a track that captures why Dwight is such a talent. It is a song about immense heartbreak, soaked in alcohol, with a dash of that California swagger that makes for that classic Bakersfield sound. I can listen to this song and actually start to feel the Whiskey buzz that he sings about, and while it is a song about heartbreak and trying to cope, and ultimately failing, Dwight manages to maintain his cool throughout. It’s lke we are listening to a broken man, but that broken man has a sly, confident smile the whole time he is telling his story.

  22. Tie between “Fair to Midland” and “Ain’t That Lonely Yet,” with about 15 others running a close 2nd.
    Also, I feel that “Come on Christmas” and “Santa Can’t Stay” deserve a shout-out. They’re two of the best Christmas songs of the last 20 years.

  23. “1000 Miles from Nowhere” is a classic to me, and I always seem to hear at just the right time. Hard to pick just one though.

  24. “Carmelita.” with Flaco Jimenez. the first chorus, then the accordion solo – i ask my girl to dance, and my eyes well up.

  25. “The Distance Between You & Me,” especially when I sing along.

  26. The last heart in line

  27. LAST HEART IN LINE……………………..

  28. Dreams of Clay, live and slow

    Tina Morrison

  29. “If there was a way” …. I melt when Dwight sings this song.

  30. For my money, the 2 absolute best Dwight Yoakam recordings are “2 Doors Down” (from his album “If There Was a Way”, I believe) and a fairly obscure track called “The Back of Your Hand” from his album “Population Me”. And, in my opinion, Dwight is currently the greatest living pure Country music singer, right after Merle Haggard.

  31. Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room off DwightYoakamAcoustic.net

  32. “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide..”

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