Shearwater has a new album, Rook, and a new tour. We have some limited edition vinyl to giveaway to AD readers; a limited edition test pressing of the full length, the full length (with album download coupon) and then the 7″ single of “Rooks” with the B side Talk Talk cover of “The Rainbow.” Hit up the comments if you’re a fan with a turntable. Also, if you’re here in Los Angeles, the band will be performing July 14th & 15th at the Great Western Forum with Coldplay.

Winners have been emailed, so check those inboxes

MP3: Shearwater :: Leviathon, Bound
Amazon: Shearwater – Rook

+ Download Shearwater via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

60 Responses to “Shearwater :: Vinyl Giveaway”

  1. would love a copy on vinyl. Add me to the list if its not too late.

  2. I want in on this too. My Joseph Plunkett Album deserves a much needed rest.

  3. When are the winners announced anyway and how?

    Everything I’ve ever won came out of a cereal box.

  4. It would be much appreciated. One of my top albums of the year. Thanks.

  5. Due to drug testing at my workplace, I’ve not been able to smoke weed for six years. This record will help me cope. I have all these repressed emotions coming to the surface and I need the healthy outlet that this particular record would provide!

  6. my dinner table turns

  7. i’d love the addition for my record collection. I bought the downloads before I knew it was on vinyl…help me out.

  8. love shearwater, love this record, i would love it in pretty pretty vinyl

  9. Hope it’s not to late to enter to win the vinyl that would be awesome!

  10. Yes.

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