A couple of months ago, while in Memphis, I was turned on to the folks who run both the Shangri La Records store as well as their off-shoot Shangri La Projects. A truly great independent record store (remember those?), Shangri La is lined with vinyl and CDs ranging from local soul to very obscure crate digger treats (case in point, they fucking had a vinyl copy of Bobby Rush’s LP, “Gotta Have Money”; you know, the one where on the album cover he is shirtless, wearing overalls, a cowboy hat, brandishing 100 dollar bills. Yeah, that one. You know how Bobby rolls.). Anyway, the Projects department dabbles in various media, including releasing compilations, most notably their Memphis-centric three volume Garage Rock series. The first two volumes cover 1960s garage and frat rock, while the third volume captures the current Memphis garage scene. Great stuff. Check out a sampling of Sixties volumes below.


MP3: The Breakers :: Don’t Send Me No Flowers
MP3: Los Angeles Smog Division :: Blue Green
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3 Responses to “Garage Rock Tales :: Memphis, TN”

  1. I’ve always wondered what happened to the Grifters, a great Shangri La Records band that released their final album on Sub Pop years ago and then disappeared.

  2. Dave Shouse & Scott Taylor have just formed the New Mary Jane. They’ve played a couple shows in Memphis this spring and do a few Grifters tunes as well as other new originals. Tripp Lamkins and Stan Gallimore formed Dragoon and have been playing Memphis for a few years.

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