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Culled from the 1982 album Night And Day, Joe Jackson’s pitch-perfect single “Steppin’ Out” has long held a perverse power over me. It’s true. Besides being my round one, go-to, Karaoke jam, I’ve also been known on many occasions to (obviously, after a few drinks) make wild and grandiose statements such as “this is my all-time favorite song!!,” or “You know, Joe Jackson’s early work was practically on par with early Elvis Costello!!” Yeahhh, while neither of those would hold up under intense scrutiny, under the right circumstances they are damn near believable. Trust me, put this one on – after midnight – at your next late-night dance party and watch.

Oh, and that video with the Manhattan hotel maid? It’s probably my favorite Pop vid from that year and/or decade. Viva la “Steppin’ Out.”

MP3: Joe Jackson :: Steppin’ Out

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11 thoughts on “Joe Jackson :: Steppin’ Out…

  1. Yeah, this is an awesome song. I just wish it was on “Look Sharp!”, because then that album would go from great to REALLY great.

  2. This is one of those songs that not only never gets old, but seems to get better with age. Glad to know that I’m not the only one who has proclaimed this “my favorite song ever” after a few drinks…

  3. While “Steppin’ Out” isn’t his best work, I’ve always thought it was pretty amazing how he made something great that was in a sense only a stone’s throw from stuff like Christopher Cross (blech).

    I’ve spent some time revisiting Joe Jackson recently and I think you can actually make a pretty good case for him being on par with Elvis Costello. Both were able to make great music without being stuck in a single genre. If you had to put Joe Jackson in a tier with either Costello or Graham Parker, he’s clearly with Costello.

  4. joe jackson,not a rock star name. not a rock star look. or sound. i guess without knowing it at the time this was ‘out’ in my (the) early days of mtv worship, i realised that there was something significant-timeless-priceless about a well written song. content. synthesizers never hit so good as this.

  5. AD. Get the hell out of my head. The whole album is intense and wonderful. I used to listen to my dad’s vinyl, probably not long after it came out. It’s like, if you made it into the 80s and were ready for the next step after Steely Dan…there is Joe Jackson. Hard to say where you can go from there, but sometimes it’s just about the destination.

  6. Look Sharp and Night & Day are two totally different albums. It took a few spins of N&D to get used to his new sound as this was a departure from Sunday Papers / Is She Really Going Out w/Him one take type recordings. This was much more produced and layered. Moving away from the initial disappointment of the sound direction, this album quickly became one of my favorites and after 20+ years it hasn’t slipped into the “I can’t believe I used to listen to this crap” category as some of the other album efforts (I cant listen to Simple Minds or Echo and the Bunnymen any more, too dated and somewhat lame) around that time. There are parallels between Joe and Elvi but Elvi has turned out to exemplify Dylan-type prolific song writing where Joe Jackson never had the creative output. It is just easy to compare them as Look Sharp was out around the time of the early Attractions albums.
    It’s good to hear that the newer concert was good as I saw him on the N&D tour (and again 2 years later) and he was terrific. He interacts with the audience really well.

  7. this song just makes you sink back in time. just left school learning to grow up.
    one of those artist that stays in your heart

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