Ron Wood & Keith Richards :: Sure The One You Need (Live 1974)

I’ve recently been seriously dipping into Ronnie Wood’s debut solo album I’ve Got My Own Album To Do – a cutthroat minor classic if there ever was one. More about that record later – right now, go check out this clip of Wood and Keith Richard(s) makin’ it happen back in the ’70s when Ronnie had his own album to do. It sounds…like the Faces after a blood transfusion.

*written by Jagger/Richards with Keith is on vocals

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8 Responses to “Ronnie Wood :: Sure The One You Need (w/ Keef)”

  1. Ronnie Wood was all I saw in the gossip rags over in England last week with his escapade with an 18 year old cocktail waitress and heading into rehab again. Apparently he’s quite the painter these days as well – he alleged the girl was just posing for him.

  2. Awesome record! I ALWAYS have it in my car. Mystifes Me is a killer tune…

  3. ditto. get Ronnie Wood’s second (Now Look) as well. A bit more polished, with Bobby Womack on board, but no less nugget filled.

  4. Who’s the drummer on this?

  5. I wondered who the drummer was as well. He sounds drunk…

  6. Personnel:

    * Ron Wood: vocals, guitar, percussion
    * Keith Richards: guitar, vocals, percussion
    * Mick Jagger: vocals, guitar
    * Willie Weeks: bass
    * Andy Newmark: drums
    * Ian McLagan: organ, piano, synthesizer
    * Sterling: steel drums
    * Ross Henderson: steel drums
    * Mick Taylor: bass, guitar, organ, synthesizer
    * George Harrison: guitar, backing vocals;
    * Jean Roussell: organ, piano
    * Pete Sears: bass, celeste
    * Micky Waller: drums
    * Martin Quittenton: guitar
    * Rod Stewart: backing vocals
    * Ruby Turner: backing vocals
    * Ireen & Doreen Chanter: backing vocals

  7. I love this album. It sounds like it could have been the follow up to “Ooh La La”. Ronnie is totally wasted in the Stones….

  8. This is one on rock’s finest moments!! Come on, you get Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger splitting the vocals also with Keith Richards!!! In the Top 10 rock records of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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