Beirut :: The Black Sessions (Paris 2007)


Black Session :: Studio 104 Maison de Radio France

In terms of radio sessions I can’t think of a more fitting city for Beirut’s Zach Condon to demonstrate his trans-Euro flair. The covers cut for the session are especially of note as they translate seamlessly into the Beirut world of sound. Per usual for this series, Radio France deliver the goods.

MP3: Beirut :: Intro by Bernard Lenoir
MP3: Beirut :: Nantes
MP3: Beirut :: Brandenburg
MP3: Beirut :: Sunday Smile
MP3: Beirut :: Scenic World
MP3: Beirut :: Mount Wroclai
MP3: Beirut :: In The Mausoleum
MP3: Beirut :: Forks and Knives (La Fîªte)
MP3: Beirut :: Elephant Gun
MP3: Beirut :: The Penalty
MP3: Beirut :: After the Curtain
MP3: Beirut :: Le Moribond (Jacques Brel Cover)
MP3: Beirut :: Postcards From Italy
MP3: Beirut :: Cherbourg
MP3: Beirut :: The Gulag Orkestar
MP3: Beirut :: Shiki Shiki Baba (Kocani Orchestra Cover)
MP3: Beirut :: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)

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  1. thanks for this stuff, i’m french and it’s funny i’m downloading it on US site !!
    By the way Anon, there are third party soft permitting you to make a right clic and download all the object of the page !!!

  2. Hi. I´m Victor and im from Portugal. When I heard that beirut canceled ther tour and the two concerts that they had in my country were´t going to happen i was devastated. Do you know if there is already a date for the return of this amazing musician?

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