cheatin_soul_cover.jpgThis Spring, after devouring Volume 1 and 2 of the masterfully curated Dirty Laundry black country/soul compilations (do check those out if ’70s southern soul is your thang), I went poking around the label’s website searching for other similarly themed curios. And, not surprisingly, I found one. Cheatin’ Soul: The Southern Dream of Freedom (like the Dirty Laundry comps) collects classic Southern soul jams from both the genre’s mainstays as well as its more obscure fringe artists.

1. Without a Reason – Janet & The Jays 2. Nickel and a Nail – O.V. Wright 3. Never Can You Be – Margie Joseph 4. You’re Just a Friend – Ann Sexton 5. My Desires Are Getting the Best of Me – George Jackson 6. I Wanna Be Free – Joe Tex 7. Hymn No. 5 – Earl Gaines 8. Rockin in the Same Old Boat 9. Right Here Is Where You Belong – Jerry Washington 10. If She’s Your Wife (Who Am I) – Doris Duke 11. I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home – Ann Peebles 12. I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog – Bobby “Blue” Bland, 13. What Was I Supposed to Do – Clarence Carter 14. I Don’t Wanna Wake Up – Ruby Andrews 15. Some Mother’s Son – Sandra Phillips 16. Next Man – Jean Stanback 17. Don’t Destroy Me – Margie Hendrix 18. I Still Love You – Ann Sexton 19. I Don’t Know Why – O.V. Wright 20. After Laughter Comes Tears – Wendy Rene 21. I Am a Carpet 22. East of Nowhere – Mickey Murray 23. Love You Save – Joe Tex

MP3: Bobby “Blue” Bland :: Bobby Blue Bland
Purchase: Cheatin Soul & The Southern Dream of Freedom



Black Keys fan? If so, in conjunction with their upcoming performance on “Live From Abbey Road”, (on the Sundance Channel on Thursday 7/24) we have a cool giveaway. It’s a Vy & Elle messenger bag filled with Black Keys merch plus speakers, t-shirts, etc. Leave a comment if you want to enter to win one of these. Tell us your favorite Black Keys jam or something.

Contest over – winner emailed. Check that inbox.

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69 Responses to “The Southern Dream of Freedom”

  1. ‘Your touch’ touches me deeply.

  2. Oooh. Goodie bags are the best!

    “Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be” has been owning my speakers as of late.

  3. My go to track by these guys has to be “Modern Times” off Magic Potion. It’s freakin’ dirty and raw and even has a kind of funk feel to it. SPin on the turntable and it sounds even better.

    Keep up the great work – you have one of the best sites around!

  4. I gotta go for Girl Is On My Mind. I want that fat goodie bag.
    Ditto on the great site. One of my dailies.

  5. Put me in for that! I Got Mine is one of the best songs of the year so far I say so I will go with it for now

  6. Hands down, it has to be 10 am Automatic.

  7. Hell yeah I wanna win one of these illustrious prizes.

    Favorite Song: Grown So Ugly

  8. Me thinks my favorite Black Keys is “set you free”. That video kicks some ass.

  9. Currently digging the “Meet Me in the City” cover on Chulahoma

  10. I have picked my favorite Keys songs…. But Goat’s (#45) comment makes me love Grape more than the song I was gonna pick and I’m not even sure I’ve heard it…. I am in the throes of a full on pork and weed jones now. Thanks Goat…

  11. Sign me up! I’m always digging on ‘The Lengths’ from Rubber Factory. Let’s hear it for another great band from Ohio… there’s something in the water.

    ~Joel M.

  12. Have tix for the Metro next Thursday followed by Lollapalooza 4:15pm – 5:15pm on Friday. Can’t wait…they blew it up last year! FAV: GOODBYE BABYLON

  13. Sign me up… My fav Black Keys tune…. Midnight in Her Eyes.
    I have loved them from the start.

  14. leaving trunk – best keys track

  15. sign me up. My favorite has to be “Thickfreakness” I mean, c’mon with a name like that there is just soooo much to love!

  16. I’d love to enter – I still dig the Keys’ cover of “Have Love, Will Travel” – it’s one nasty jam!

  17. Sign me up! Love the Keys, can’t wait to see them in Pittsburgh in a few weeks.

    Favorite tune, definitely Grown So Ugly.

  18. 10 am Automatic is what introduced me to them and I still love that song.

  19. Thanks Justin.

    This is easily among the best music blogs out there, and I ain’t just saying that cause I won. Hells Yeah

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