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After this Summer has come and gone I’ll think back to what I was listening to at the time and the reissue of Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue will most definitely be at the top of that list. The Legacy Edition, which came out last month, besides being chock full of photos and notes, presents the original album in a quality that the oft-traded bootlegs only hinted at. As we mentioned last Spring (we posted the bootleg version of Bambu), the reissue comes with a second disc comprised of the sessions that were to become the Bambu album that never was.

At times optimistic, at times dark love letter to Los Angeles, Pacific Ocean Blue hasn’t left my car since its release last month. It has traveled about every corner of the city from downtown L.A. up the coast to Malibu. Two tracks below from the album, and be sure to check out Dennis singing “You Are So Beautiful” live in 1977 with his first love, the Beach Boys.

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MP3: Dennis Wilson :: River Song
MP3: Dennis Wilson :: Pacific Ocean Blue
Amazon: Dennis Wilson – Pacific Oceans Blue (Legacy Edition)

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Dennis Wilson (w/ Beach Boys) :: You Are So Beautiful (Live, January 1977)

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7 thoughts on “Dennis Wilson :: Pacific Ocean Blue

  1. Thanks for posting River Song. I’ve never heard this. It’s got some killer Levon helm style half-time drum action.

  2. River Song sounds like it could have been recorded by any of the hip indie bands du jour that populate most blogs. Not necessarily ahead of it’s time, more like lasting influence. I rarely ever hear this much music I’ve never heard before from a guy I know so much about. Good for Denny and good for AD

  3. I, too, have been listening to this all summer – it’s the perfect soundtrack. So many different moods and grooves. Some of the ballads are a little emotional for my tastes, but his raspy vocals makes up for it. All around, a great release. Who knew Dennis had it in him?

  4. I love this album. Who would have thought the best Beach Boy solo album would come from their drummer and not Brian or Carl?

  5. I have been waiting for a decade for POB to finally come back in print…it was worth the wait.

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