Yes, the Dog have a new record out this week entitled Fate, and I’m here to report it has definitely grown on me since I first heard it. Dr. Dog’s last three projects (two LPs and an EP) really raised the bar for the band’s sound. Lemme know what you all think of the new album – thus far – in the comments.

MP3: Dr. Dog :: The Old Days
MP3: Dr. Dog :: The Ark
Amazon: Dr. Dog – Fate

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16 Responses to “Dr. Dog :: Fate”

  1. Album of the year.

  2. I’ve only given it one listen thus far, but I like what I hear. Absolutely love The Breeze. I love their sound, but the problem is that the records don’t really do their live shows justice. They are really solid live. Saw them in Nashville last year at the Mercy Lounge, and it was definitely the most surprising show of the year. They killed it. Didn’t want them to stop.

  3. Album of the year for me as well.

    I adore the train theme that runs through the record. And the last tune (‘My Friend’), wherein they play snippets of every song in running order, just kills me. It reminds me of the last half of Side 2 of Abbey Road. (Note: *Reminds* me. It doesn’t compare, of course. You can’t compare anything to that majesty.)

  4. I like it a bunch. I think it is on par with their last album we all belong. You are right though, it grows with each listen.

  5. Bonnie and Clyde – the still from the movie hangs framed across from my desk at WB


  6. I know it’s rather premature, but as of now, this is my favorite record of theirs. It has such a summer tinge to it.

    Can’t get enough.

  7. Great album! They just got better at what they were doing on the last album. Can’t wait to see them again, and I’ll be wearing out this album.

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  9. Dude the Dog is the shit. They have really been an inspiration for me: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cj2OAPv_duM

  10. I came in at this record, haven’t heard anything else (except a live track on a Paste magazine sampler, which was pretty forgettable), but it’s in my top few albums so far this year. I think it’s beautifully written and arranged and sounds dang purty, to boot.

  11. One of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. Quite a leap from the scratchy first LP.

  12. […] up Dr. Dog’s Fate, an album that in the past two days has been playing non-stop on my ipod – Aquarium Drunkard also informs me that they are incredible […]

  13. This album is what music should be. Dr. Dog hits the perfect musical notes 96% of the time. Some is good, but too poppy, the rest is heartfelt, brilliant music! I was explaining to a friend the other night that I love music, but something about The Dog is ridiculous. They play the songs I wish I could write or listen to more often. Definately, obviously, reccomend this, and other Dog disks. Their lyrics range from simple and right on, to off beat and black comedy-ish. Their musical production is layered and catchy (in a good way). Anyhow, check it out. Like a fine wine, always better with time, but multiple listens required, over time, to fully become engulfed in the timeless music being created by Dr. Dog.

  14. Dr. Dog is the TITS! I saw them open up for The National and CYHSY on NYE and they blew the panites off those two more “well-known” bands!

  15. Yawn.

  16. When I saw Dr. Dog 4 years ago in Eugene, I stayed in the bar and didn’t come out until Autolux and Ambulance Ltd. were playing. Then I heard “The Old Days” on Sirius and I couldn’t figure out if they had gotten amazingly awesome since then or if I was a tasteless piece of shit back then.

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