I am hesitant to refer to anyone in their field of study as “an unknown,” – no matter if it’s in reference to a painter, director, or guitarist. But in many circles, when the late Roy Buchanan’s name is dropped, he is reverently referred to as just such: one of the great “unknown” blues guitarists. Sure, to those of us who sit around and nerd around about this stuff he is an icon, but let’s not kid ourselves – the name Roy Buchanan isn’t household a la Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn or B.B. King. But again, to those of us who sit around and nerd about this stuff, there is a powerful argument that it very well should be.

Recorded at Town Hall in New York City on November 27, 1974, Live Stock presents Buchanan at a very high point in his career, captured here – over the course of seven tracks – for posterity.

MP3: Roy Buchanan :: Hot Cha
MP3: Roy Buchanan :: I’m Evil
Amazon: Roy Buchanan – Live Stock

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7 Responses to “Roy Buchanan :: Live Stock (Town Hall, NYC 1974)”

  1. Roy with Billy Price (Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band!) on Can I Change My Mind remains one of my all-time favorites. Timeless album.

  2. Such a great album…such insane tone. Love it

  3. Could not agree more. Roy deserves a lot more attention. But there a ton of guitar players that did not get it: Cippolina, Kimock, Shuggie etc. imo.

  4. Fantastic. An early teenage memory is hearing a blistering version of ‘I’m a Ram’. Let’s not pass over Rory Gallagher too. Cheers for that.

  5. Thanks for remembering Roy–I saw him 3 times–twice in very small clubs– and I felt a power coming not just from his music and awesome playing, but realized it came from a wild, untamed source that made Hendrix and Clapton’s self-conscious showmanship seem luke warm–Roy prowled the stage like a leopard–looking STRAIGHT, almost tauntingly at the audience, his posture and glance was like a roman gladiator–fierce and challenging as he never looked down at his hands–just poured out unconsciously his dominince of the whole room. It must have been real hard to put that energy back inside when the show was over. I sure was sad to hear he pulled the plug on himself and his guitar.

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