“Ben Weaver is the most exciting young songwriter I’ve come across – an American original whose voice and guitar are matched only by the power of his words. His songs are an incredible, haunting gift of music.” Author Larry Brown (1951-2004)

If you’re a fan of the late neo-southern gothic author Larry Brown (quoted above) and have heard the music of songwriter Ben Weaver the threads that connect the two are both immediate and reciprocal. Weaver and Brown trade in the grit covered hard truths of life, yet somehow make them strangely palatable and romantic.

Ben Weaver’s upcoming LP Ax In The Oak, his Bloodshot debut, comes out August 12th on the heels of his excellent, and under noticed, 2007 disc Paper Sky. Once again working with producer Brian Deck, Weaver wrote the majority of the LP while living with a friend in Berlin during the Summer of 2007. Unlike, say, David Bowie’s Berlin phase, Weaver used the city not so much as a muse, but as a place to reflect and create and the results are some of his best work to date.

As a side note, I’ve seen Weaver perform twice live, and he has guested on my radio show in the past. For fans of honest, original, songwriting Weaver’s affective shows are a must-see.


MP3: Ben Weaver :: White Snow
MP3: Ben Weaver :: Alligator And Owls
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