Whereas parts of Jim James solo set at Newport gave way to Evil Urges – a quiet “Sec Walkin’,” and a peaceful “Look at You,” among others — it was Z’s “It Beats 4 U” that stole the show. While he fingerpicked a spiny melody and the rooftop rain slowed to a patter, James shouted out in a soulful lament, his voiced cloaked in his now-trademark reverb. For four minutes, no one spoke and no one moved: not the security detail, not the audience; it was one of those rare live moments when everything stands still and time arrests itself, and it’s these moments that James and My Morning Jacket seem to be creating more and more of. read the rest from Newport here…

Jim James :: Solo @ Newport Folk Festival 8.2.08

MP3: Jim James :: Tonight I Want To Celebrate With You
MP3: Jim James :: Sec Walkin
MP3: Jim James :: It Beats 4 U
MP3: Jim James :: Stage Banter
MP3: Jim James :: Wonderful (The Way I Feel) (with M. Ward)
MP3: Jim James :: Little Saint Nick
MP3: Jim James :: Golden (with M. Ward)
MP3: Jim James :: Look At You (with M. Ward)
MP3: Jim James :: Librarian
MP3: Jim James :: Bermuda Highway
MP3: Jim James :: The Way That He Sings
MP3: Jim James :: What A Wonderful Man
MP3: Jim James :: Stage Banter
MP3: Jim James :: When You Are Who You Are
MP3: Jim James :: Hopefully
MP3: Jim James :: Smokin’ From Shootin’
MP3: Jim James :: Gideon
MP3: Jim James ::Anytime
*Thanks to reader Abe for the tracks.

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23 Responses to “Jim James :: Acoustic: Newport Folk Festival 8.2.08”

  1. wish i could have been there….

  2. GRATZI!

  3. how do i download this on a mac? so good

  4. Awesome recording! Thanks muchly. Coming to the US for honeymoon next month, seeing MMJ in Vegas, very very excited. Never seen them live (also looking forward to M Ward and Oberst at ACL).

    (re mac download – I just open file through quicktime player ‘save page as’).

  5. Thanks! Have enjoyed visiting your site for quite a while now and appreciate the love you show for M Ward. Can’t wait for the new record from the Monsters of Folk.

  6. Jim James :: Acoustic: Newport Folk Festival 8.2.08…

    Aquarium Drunkard has kindly posted mp3’s of My Morning Jacket’s Jim James performing at the Newport Folk Festival….

  7. This is too freakin awesome. I feel like its my birthday, right now. I will probably listen to these a million times for years to come.

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  10. It’s easier to download on a mac by hitting cntrol and then clicking the song – a little drop-down should pop up and you juts select ‘download file’.

    Hope it helps!


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  13. Thanks for the JJ. This acoustic set is spectacular!!


  14. Great news, thanks for sharing

  15. thanks KG, that worked perfectly

  16. […] (The Way I Feel) rumored to be on the new James/Ward/Oberst album (Oz posted this song from Aquarium Drunkard a little a week or two ago, but it’s worth hearing […]

  17. I love you even more after this post, AD!

  18. And for the Bloodkin one too!

  19. man, can’t you please, put this set up again? i missed it, i’m regreting it so bad. bad luck of mine. thanks.

  20. just gotta love Jim James

  21. I think your text is excellent, excellent job. Keep it up!!

  22. […] Jim James (of MMJ)…acoustic set (with M.Ward)…Newport Folk Festival…August 2, 2008…available as a podcast via NPR’s All Songs Considered (which has a TON of amazing, free music) or download it  here. […]

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