Jeff Tweedy :: Living Room (Chicago, Jan 14, 2006)

Letters To Santa Living Room Show, Chicago, Jan 14, 2006: One of three shows Tweedy played that year as part of the auction for the annual Letters to Santa Charity event. The second year the event had occurred, each show had only Tweedy and about 30 guests. The combined three shows brought in $36,000 for Letters to Santa. While the show clocks in at about 2 hours, the event last about 4, with Tweedy signing the each of the 60 (two different sets) posters made for guests. Note both the covers and the old Uncle Tupelo nuggets.

MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Spiders (Kidsmoke)
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Airline to Heaven
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Pieholden Suite
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Promising
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Radio King
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: I Can't Keep From Talking
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: The Family Gardener
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: When the Roses Bloom Again
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Blasting Fonda
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Someday Soon

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