Jeff Tweedy :: Living Room (Chicago, Jan 14, 2006)


Letters To Santa Living Room Show, Chicago, Jan 14, 2006: One of three shows Tweedy played that year as part of the auction for the annual Letters to Santa Charity event. The second year the event had occurred, each show had only Tweedy and about 30 guests. The combined three shows brought in $36,000 for Letters to Santa. While the show clocks in at about 2 hours, the event last about 4, with Tweedy signing the each of the 60 (two different sets) posters made for guests. Note both the covers and the old Uncle Tupelo nuggets.

MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Spiders (Kidsmoke)
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Airline to Heaven
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Pieholden Suite
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Promising
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Radio King
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: I Can’t Keep From Talking
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: The Family Gardener
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: When the Roses Bloom Again
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Blasting Fonda
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Someday Soon

Download The Second Set After The Jump…

MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: What’s the World Got in Store
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: How to Fight Loneliness
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Say You Miss Me
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: A Shot in the Arm
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Theoologians
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Cars Can’t Escape
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Forget the Flowers
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Magazine Called Sunset
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: ELT
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Gun
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Dear Employer
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: John Wesley Harding
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Far, Far Away
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Misunderstood
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Hoodoo Voodoo
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Not for the Season
MP3: Jeff Tweedy :: Acuff Rose

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30 thoughts on “Jeff Tweedy :: Living Room (Chicago, Jan 14, 2006)

  1. Thanks! I have the April show and love it. My favorite part of it is when Tweedy’s mom and dad request “Please Tell My Brother”. Very touching to hear that since his mother passed away.

  2. Oh Lord do I hate sing-alongs… This could have been a classic concert, marred by the fact that a great vocalist, Tweedy, is competing with 30 far-from-great vocalists.

  3. I completely agree, why didn’t these people stay at home if they just wanted to hear themselves sing? Actually I spose because it’s a living room concert they did stay at home… but that’s not the point. Nothing worse than going to a show and you can’t hear the performer because everyone in the audience wants to sing along.

  4. Oh, c’mon, these people are having fun! and shit, they paid like 400 each for the tickets too.

  5. stuff white people like..
    living room concerts and singalongs.

    woulda been cool to see tho.

  6. man, i’d really like to get this show! the files keep erroring out; i have another living room show, and if thats any preview, i know i want this one. is there any barrier to downloading these in firefox? please help.

  7. the one woman singing along is beyond painful. this could have been an outstanding recording if the super-fans had just let jeff sing.

  8. thanks for the download, but i find this set very annoying because all the idiots singing with him. seriously, they couldnt shut up and listen

  9. I feel the pain of the anti-sing-along people, though if you are going to sing along, it would be around a campfire, and this is about as close as you get. So I don’t have a problem with it in this context. It’s at the concerts that it bugs me (and that’s what Wilco/Tweedy shows have nearly become), since, like people, say, I’m there to see the show and not to hear others lend a hand. Too many times it seems like the sing-along amounts to nothing more than verbalizing your fanship–the more lyrics you know, the bigger fan you are. I guess there’s two kinds of people in the world…

  10. @ Brian — no SBD exists because there was not P.A. That photo of Tweedy is from the event. Note there is no microphone near his mouth. Enjoy it for what it is or d/l the hundreds of other great Wilco/Tweedy shows and stop your whining.

  11. One more reason why women should not be allowed anywhere near rock. They even ruin it from the audience.


  12. Does anyone know where to find this concert online? streams it, but I want to download it for myself.

  13. Can someone help me out? I’ve been trying to download this for a long time and it doesn’t work. Is there another place that it’s available? I have the other Living Room shows but I’ve tried for literally years to find this one. Can it be reposted or is it somewhere else where I can get it?

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